These Photography Hacks Would Help You Get The Instagram Worthy Pictures.

These Photography Hacks Would Help You Get The Instagram Worthy Pictures.

With all these new technologies taking over human life, our modern generation ensures that their phones witness the moment prior to their human eyes.

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But what human eye sees cannot be captured in a device of technology because it cannot achieve that depth and clarity. This is where some photography hacks would help you have those perfect Instagram worthy pictures.

Bokeh Photography

This would require you to have a DSLR camera and a little knowledge about the Bokeh effect. For execution, cut out the shape of your choice and place it on the lens or at a distance and witness the magic.

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The Hazy Pictures

For the perfect misty pictures use a plastic bag or a sandwich bag over and around the lens and see the result.

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The Shadow Effect

A tea strainer comes to rescue when you want to have deep shadow effects in your photography. Place the tea strainer near the subject and in the path of a strong ray of light.

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The Soft Focus

For the soft focus lens effect, you need to apply Vaseline and a plastic paper over it. You would be amazed by the results.

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The Background

For product photography, you usually need a background suiting to the product needs. Use your laptop’s screen to create the perfect background.

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The Underwater Shot

For the seamless underwater shot, you could use a fish tank which would help your photos and photography sail.

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Do you too crave for those beautiful light shots? Use your ordinary small bulbs to create a flawless shot.

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The Sunglass Filter

Your usual sunglasses can act as a stunning filter for your photographs and you wouldn’t need those artificial filters after all.

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You can use windows for many effects including the blurred pictures or for a softening effect.

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The Film Burn

A matchstick can be used to create the perfect film burn and also help you get a visually brilliant effect.

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