The Battle Of Saragarhi; One Of The Ultimate Last Stands In History.

The Battle Of Saragarhi; One Of The Ultimate Last Stands In History.
Battle of Saragarhi

Many battles have been fought in the history of mankind but only those remain etched in our hearts forever which portray gallantry and heroism more than anything else.

One such battle, which has been certified among the top eight stories of human bravery the UNESCO, is the Battle of Saragarhi which talks about the valor of 21 Sikhs who laid their lives open up against 10,000 Afghans.

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The war occurred at the North-West Frontier Province, in Saragarhi village where a Sikh army of 21 men was posted. The head of the group, Havildar Ishar Singh had shown instances of utmost chivalry and the battle is regarded as one of the ultimate last-stands.

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Saragarhi was basically a signaling post between two forts; Fort Lockhart and Fort Gulistan. The Pashtuns in order to capture these forts attacked the Saragarhi post on September 12, 1897, where these Sikh soldiers were deployed.

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12 September is today celebrated as Saragarhi Day because, despite the huge difference in the proportion of the armies, these men stood there till their last breath. Ishar Singh ordered the rest of the 20 men to fall back but they decided to fight instead.

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All 21 of them lost their lives and the person who survived till the last, Sepoy Gurmukh Singh didn’t lose his voice and enchanted ‘Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’.

Each man killed hundreds of Afghani men which reveal the passion each on these Sikh men carried to defend what’s theirs truly.


The battle which took the lives 4800 Orkazai men including the Sikh men would always be reminisced not for the number of lives lost but for the boldness and spirit of the 21 Sikh men who became representative of the bravest battle in the history of humankind.