Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 7 (As A Host)

Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 7 (As A Host)
Manners Maketh Man Part-7

Hello Frands… Chai pee lo!!! Don’t be pissed, we’re just making sure you sit down comfortably and then get started with the article… you know, like a good host. That brings us to part-7 of our rules of etiquettes. Being that perfect host we all want when we go to someone else’s place. When you are hosting someone, your foremost aim is that your guests feel at home and when they leave, they do so with a big smile and a want in their heart- if they could just stay longer.

Now that we’ve told you what to aim for and you probably are comfortable by now, let’s get started.

1, First things first: Make sure you greet your guests at the door and they feel welcomed right from the start. Yeah, we know we’re Indians and we naturally are the best people in receiving someone. But this is for the younger generation, which doesn’t really bother much.


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2. It’s winters up north. People are going around in big puffy coats and jackets, doing their best to survive the cold. So, when your guests arrive, take their coats and jackets for them. Do let them know where they are in case they need them.

3. Check with everyone, be active, and participate in conversations. Introduce your guests with each other and this is especially important for those who have come on their own and don’t know anyone.


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4. Make sure there are no empty glasses in someone’s hand. Conversations turn interesting and involving when people don’t have to worry about their drinks.

5. A good host protects his guests from each other and from circumstances. It’s your responsibility to make sure your guests don’t feel bored or lonely or left out. Shuffle them into new conversation groups whenever it seems necessary.


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6. We all know someone in our group who doesn’t eat meat. And we keep tugging and nudging them for not eating it. But still, as a host, you will be keeping at least two vegetarian items. Paneer toh sabko pasand hai!

7. Setting the right mood is important and that’s where music comes in. You obviously can’t start playing Sidhu Moosewala (Punjabi artist) because you love his songs. Keep in mind who all are coming and make a playlist accordingly.

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8. If some of your guests are staying back, make sure their rooms are prepared and bed sheets clean. If they are crashing in your sofa, at least give them a sheet to take over them.

9. Everybody is having fun and everybody is drinking. But you must keep a stock of alternatives for those who don’t want to and will be driving their way back. Do your guests have kids and they’re at the party too? You don’t want them to get drunk, do you? (Though it would be funny to see them rioting)

10. Well, it’s time to call it a night and your guests are leaving. See them out and thank them for coming.

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So, these were the simple rules of etiquettes of being a perfect host. Now, as we said earlier, we are Indians and being a good, actually, the over-the-top host is in our genes. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep these tips in your mind. Part-8 is coming soon. Click here for Part-1.