Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 1 (Day-To-Day Life)

Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 1 (Day-To-Day Life)
Manners maketh man

"Manners Maketh Man! Do you know what that means? Then let me teach you a lesson…!" Manners are a quintessential part of a gentleman. It falls under the part of Etiquettes where everything forms a formula that defines a gentleman. With time, the rules for etiquettes have changed and updated to suit the new society that we live in.

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Today we bring you Part-1 of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman… So, let’s start with something general, something about how one should act in day-to-day life. Etiquettes for the modern gentleman, Out & About.

1. Sitting on a priority seat in a bus, train, waiting rooms or a cinema but you don’t really need that seat? You must get up right away! Don’t ignore someone standing on your head who actually needs that seat.

2. Your dad must have taught you to hold the door open for a lady. Notch it up and hold the door for women, men, children, dogs and anybody else who is right behind you and might be inconvenienced or get hurt otherwise. Where you need to draw the line is holding the door for someone who is NOT right behind you and must jog to the door in sheer politeness. Totally awkward!

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3. Never ever check your phone in a cinema or a dimly lit room… even if you’re bored to death. Just don’t!

4. Don’t ‘broadcast’ music or video on your phone in public. Didn’t get it? Lower the volume of your phone when you’re listening to something on it without an earphone. It’s uncool!

5.  Has it ever happened with you that you gave your seat to someone and when you did, some appreciated the gesture while the others didn’t? Yeah, that’s because your ‘sweet’ gesture seemed like a hint that they are out of shape. Use your brain!

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6.  So, you’re on a plane going for a vacation and you want to pee, but you are sitting on a window seat. What do you do? Clamber over the poor bastard while he’s enjoying his sleep but then turbulence hits the plane and your beautiful bottom is on his face. That’s not a pretty sight, duh!

Just tap on his shoulder politely and ask him to give you space to get out. Simple!

7. While you’re in a queue at an ATM or a cash counter, kindly give the person in front of you some space.

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8. Control yourself and lower your voice when you’re talking to someone on the phone in public. Nobody cares how your boss is mistreating you or how your bae shouts at you because she’s down. Just keep your voice to yourself.

9. Its 9 am and your large cappuccino with extra whipped cream looks delicious. So, now you’re going to stay at the coffee shop the whole day enjoying your cappuccino. No, drink your coffee, stay for a while, enjoy the ambience and LEAVE!

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10. Are you that guy who always blows off his lid in public? Ever thought how you actually looked to other people? We’ll paint the word picture for you… You looked like a 10-year-old toddler who dropped his ice-cream and is running off to his mom. Take our advice and don’t do it ever again!

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