Our Dear Politicians And The Dilemma Of Innocent Indians

Our Dear Politicians And The Dilemma Of Innocent Indians
Our Dear politicians

It’s 2019 and the election fever is slowly and steadily spreading over all the country. Politicians are getting down to preparing their ‘intellectual’ speech, digging up cash from their backyard and making the possible changes to their last year manifesto so that it doesn’t look the same.  Well, that’s how it goes, doesn’t it?

narendra modi rallies for the elections of 2019. there are 10 people on stage including narendra modi waving at the crowd

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Each and every party and party-members are busy to find that sweet spot which will help them woo the ‘Aam Admi’. But it’s also the time when stress and aggression levels shoot up considerably. Don’t you agree with us? Come on, you’ve seen politicians getting into petty brawls with each other, hurling all kinds of ‘Ma/Bhen’ curses they could ever imagine. Actually, they don’t even have to imagine it, curses come to these politicians like ‘likes’ on Kylie Jenner’s latest post on Instagram.

But hurling curses is one thing, what comes along with these curses are left and right punches, slaps and a popular-trend-among Indian politics- shoe-throwing/hitting. Yep, we can see a smiling nod from you guys!

It’s simply hilarious to see these so-called high-profile politicians and leaders going ‘Mad Max’ at each other in front of hundreds of people like it’s their bedroom business. If you’re having a bad day at the office, take our advice and watch one of these vids, it will definitely crack you up.

The point of telling you this is not how hilarious these politicians seem, shaming even the monkeys and our other distant ‘ape’ relatives, but to make you think that these are the people who we voted to run the country for us. Just think for a while, we, the ‘aam admi’ of India have to work hard each day to make ends meet and to make sure our families are well-fed night and day. And because we have to look after our families, we chose these politicians as our leaders to run this country. But when you look at all these leaders we have, don’t you feel confused and question yourselves that why did you vote for them? Now, we know a counter-point coming our way that, ”Oh no, I thought very carefully and voted for the leader who showed the most promise!” Fair point, but frankly, how different is your leader than his competitor? The truth is, they’re all the same… “Ek hee thali ke chatte-batte!”

While simple and dignified jobs like that of a teacher involve clearing the TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) and to become an IAS officer, you must pass the UPSC exam to sit for the interview, there are no such entrance exams or eligibility criteria to become a political leader. Why? Why is it that an illiterate clown who is basically a ‘gunda’ in his ‘gaon’ and with a lot of money, can become the next chief minister of a state?

It's puzzling, really! In a big democracy like India, where we have the youngest crowd of highly-educated, passionate people, not even half of them are in politics. No, instead we have leaders who have no clue about science, claiming peacocks and peahens don’t reproduce through sex. Others, some health ministers, who, instead of inspiring people to unite and fight against diseases, claim that cancer is the ‘karma’ of our deeds in our previous lives and we must face it. Can you believe them?

The whole situation reminds us of Anil Kapoor starrer “Nayak”. The innocent, impressionable people of India being swayed from one side to the other while these politicians play around, throwing their shit-smeared shoes at each other.

But what is the solution here? Is introducing eligibility criteria and entrance exams a solution? Well, it may not be the complete solution but it sure is a part.