Major 'Then And Now': India 70 Years Down The Lane!

Major 'Then And Now': India 70 Years Down The Lane!

So, the democratic nation of India unites to mark its 70-th republic day today and well, this has to be a day of pride for all of us.

Ever since India has formally adopted the constitution as a guiding document and became an independent republic, the nation has gone through many changes.

The changes we never realised, the changes that needs to be noticed, appreciated and improve. 

Having said that, let’s have a look at these five worthy changes that we all need to see: 

1. Development 

1949 and 2019, these 70 years has brought around so much modernisation and development in our country that the bright minds behind it should definitely feel proud of their administration and mechanism.

Be it technological developments, transportation or societal, everything has been gradually changing with time.




The LGBTQ was a myth back then, either the people chose to kill their sexual priorities and lead a socially acceptable life or would never give themselves a sense of freedom or chance to realise their reality.

While, 2019, on the other hand, has not just given the countrymen a sense of freedom with their choice of sexual priority but has lawfully regarded and encouraged them to lead a type of life which they want it to be... 



3. Army 

Starting from the bottom, now we’re here is what the ‘Indian Army’ could be aptly explained as.

And indeed, left all thrashed after the British rule and partition and forming an army that is now the second largest armed forces military in the world is one achievement... 



4. Expectation Vs Reality 

However, we aren’t even near to the country our freedom fighters dreamt of and sacrificed for...

Of course, they wanted our nation to be a well-developed country by now but few futile stigmas’ like corruption, terrorism is just not letting the country to grow and shine in its lights... 



5. Cinema 

The Indian cinema is one ground that has grown outrageously with each passing day... Bollywood now, is just not about entertainment but is a lot more than that...

So, one core which is on its peak to set an awesome bar has to be the Indian cinema and we’re all proud of it... 



While we celebrate the Republic Day with grandeur, we should also remember the struggle of freedom fighters who had made this day possible. 

And although we’ve come a long way since 1950 but let’s pledge this 70th year and all the coming years to be a game changer for the nation. 

Like Lal Bahadur Shastri had once said, "We believe in peace and peaceful development, not only for ourselves but for people all over the world," we should not stop working for the development of the Republic of India. 

Well, a nation is always what its people want it to be.

We should be grateful that our forefathers has struggled hard and sacrificed their lives to earn independence. Happy 70th Republic Day Folks...