Indulge Yourselves In These Super Foods Trending In 2019 For A Super Healthy Body.

Indulge Yourselves In These Super Foods Trending In 2019 For A Super Healthy Body.

The world is moving forward towards attaining good health an inch closer every day and what’s helping them achieve success other than breaking a sweat is a clean diet.

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Nutritionists have defined some selected foods as ‘Superfoods’ which are not only easy to consume but would also boost your health in a great deal. Have a look at some of those trending in 2019.

Indian Gooseberries

Indian gooseberries or Amla is an ancient Indian ingredient which has now beaten the earlier trending super food Acai, containing twice the amount of antioxidants than it. So choose wisely from the options available.

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Watermelon Seeds

As the other flex seeds, watermelon seeds too contain immense amounts of fiber, magnesium and Vitamin E which are all beneficial to boost up your health.

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Avocado Oil

Avocado oil in your kitchen can provide you with major benefits than any other cooking oil. It is overloaded with antioxidants and healthy fats good for your heart.

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Aztec Quinoa

Containing high quantities of calcium, zinc, fiber, and iron, quinoa is the new superfood you need to indulge in your diets. It is a healthier option than rice and most cereals.

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Usually heard in the foreign countries, this superfood is now a hit in India as well and this green vegetable would add that extra nutrition in your diet.

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Pistachio Nuts

If you want to snack on anything, leave behind that packet of chips full of sodium and choose Pistachios instead because they are full of potassium, Vitamin B and magnesium. Have a great time snacking and losing weight folks!!

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The world has recognized this magical ingredient as a superfood in recent times, but India has been using it since centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties and as an immunity booster.

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Nut Oils

As healthy as the nuts themselves are, the oils are rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids and are a perfect substitute for your regular refined oils.

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Trout hunting is common in India and Mahseer, Brown trout and Rainbow trout are among the favorites and are available in India in a large quantity. It contains Omega-3s which help to maintain a healthy heart.

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