Here Are The Things You Can Do While At The Earth's Paradise; The Bahamas.

Here Are The Things You Can Do While At The Earth's Paradise; The Bahamas.

Since both Priyanka and Nick took to the exotic way of life on the beach on their Caribbean honeymoon in the Bahamas, they have helped the already prevalent tourist place to flourish some more.


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You might have heard about the Bahamas in recent times a lot more than ever and it’s just not the hype of it which is making people drool over this place.

The Bahamas is an archipelago in the Caribbean which is most famous for its islands and the beaches, a perfect get away from the city life. So while you’re at this beauty, apart from relaxing your weights off here’s a list of to do activities for you.

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A run at the Beaches

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Because the weather is warm all around the year, it gives you plenty of time to visit most of the beaches this place is famous for. Gold Rock Beach and Pink Sand Beach are amongst the most adored ones.

Diving and Snorkeling

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As tranquil above the sea life of the Bahamas is, the underwater life is as calming and beautiful. The beaches and private islands provide you with the adventure of snorkeling around the caves and sinkholes, introducing you with the stunning aquatic animals and plants. This would be an experience of a lifetime for you.

The Paradise Island

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The Atlantis as it is called is the most hyped tourist destination of the Bahamas and it totally lives up to its name with the water-based amenities it provides. Apart from having the world’s largest open-air marine habitat, it boasts a large number of swimming pools, a water park, and a luxurious resort.

Hiking on the Glass Window Bridge

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To experience the epitome of exquisiteness, you must travel on the ‘Eleuthera’ with soothing waters of the Exuma sound on one hand and the rough and violent Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Lucayan National Park

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Amongst the 3 National Parks, this one is definitely the must-visit Park because of the beaches and wildlife variability.

If you are a summer lover, The Bahamas should be on your bucket list for the coming summers for sure.