Greatest Indian Football Team Wins Ever

Greatest Indian Football Team Wins Ever
India's Greatest Wins

India beat Australia on their own soil for the first time in Test cricket and the whole country is rejoicing on this epic win. But it’s not the only epic win we have to celebrate. Another group of men in blue created a historic moment for all the Indians to be proud of. We are talking about the Indian Football team who beat Thailand 4-1 to register their biggest win in 55 years.

As India set the momentum for the tournament and sit on top of Group A, we take a look at some of Indian Football Team’s greatest wins and historic moments.

5. 1951 Asian Games Final: Iran 0-1 India

Sahu mewala

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 After beating Indonesia and Afghanistan comfortably in the first Asian games, the stage was set for a battle for the gold medal with Iran. India dominated the field but Iran was prepared too and so India had to wait for the 34th minute when Sahu Mewalal scored the only goal of the match.

There were a lot of tries and misses but the score remained the same. This gave India its very first International win.

4. 1960 Olympics: France 1-1 India

1960 Olympics: France 1-1 India

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In the 1960 Olympics in Rome, India was placed along with Hungary, France and Peru. Now if you are a football lover, we don’t have to specify that it’s a tough group. India went down fighting hard in the first game with Hungary, losing 2-1.

Their next match was with France. A time for India to show that they are no puny team. And India’s PK Banerjee showed that who found the net in the 71st minute. But France managed to equalize the score through Gerard Coincon in the 82nd minute. India received a lot of applause from the European media for their gritty performance.  

3. 1962 Asian Games Final: India 2-1 South Korea

1962 Asian Games Final: India 2-1 South Korea

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The Koreans beat India 2-0 at the very first game. Pulling up their socks from then, India beat Thailand and Japan to reach semi-finals. There, the Indian side took down South Vietnam 3-2 in a closely fought match. Now it was time for some payback!

Indian manager, Syed Abdul Rahim deployed Jarnail Singh, a defender, as a striker. And the gamble paid off! Singh scored the second goal of the match taking the score to 2-0. The Koreans didn’t let it go too easily and scored a goal in the 85th minute but it was too late. It was the last time Indian Football team won a gold medal at the Asian Games.

2. 1964 Asian Cup: South Korea 0-2 India

1964 Asian Cup: South Korea 0-2 India

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There were only four teams competing in the 64 Asian Cup. India was fighting for the trophy against South Korea, Israel and Hong Kong. That meant India had a fair chance of winning the trophy.

But it was easier said than done. India thrashed the defending champions South Korea for their next match with Israel. Unfortunately, India lost 2-0 and Israel beat all the other teams to become the champion. It was India’s finest performances ever.

1. 2002 World Cup Qualifier

2002 World Cup Qualifier

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UAE came to Bangalore to play against India as the hot favourites to win the game. Looking at how well UAE was performing during all their matches at that time, it was supposed to be an easy win. But that’s not how it went… India kept their calm and played a disciplined game in front of the home crowd. And soon their calmness paid off as Jules Alberto reacted quickly to a loose ball and found the net. After that, the Indian defence showed brilliant composure to win the match 1-0. Though India did not qualify for the World Cup, the match still remains to the most exciting ones for the modern generation of Indian football fans.