Google Reveals More About It's Cloud-Based Gaming Platform- Stadia

Google  Reveals More About It's Cloud-Based Gaming Platform- Stadia

Two months ago Google launched its game streaming service- Google Stadia, at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 in San Francisco. But the tech giant didn’t give out many details except that it would be available in select countries – US, UK, Canada and some parts of Europe – by the end of 2019. After two months, Google has finally given out some details on the pricing, availability and gaming catalogue of the service.

Google Stadia will play on multiple diveces

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To give you guys a brief about what Google Stadia is and does- Stadia is a new gaming platform that is totally cloud-based and will not require a set-top box. So how one play games on it? With Stadia, you’ll be able to stream AAA-quality games to virtually any device over the internet. This includes and is not limited to PCs, these will include TVs and mobile devices. According to reports, Stadia will stream games at 60 fps, with HDR and 4K resolution. Stadia representatives said that it will eventually support up to 8K resolution 120 fps.

Now, let’s come back to Google’s press conference. Google revealed that the first wave of Stadia will hit the markets in 14 countries across the globe in November this year. The Founder’s Edition will be available to select users and will include a Stadia Pro subscription and a Stadia Controller among other things. This edition will also be costlier than the regular connection. Talking about the rest of the world along with those who don’t mind waiting for discounted versions – they’ll have to wait until 2020 to start playing in Stadia.

Founder's Edition will come with a controller

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Google Stadia will be available in three editions:

  • Stadia Base
  • Stadia Pro
  • Stadia Founder’s Edition

Gamers across the world will have Google Stadia Base in 2020. The Google Stadia Pro will be available across 14 countries. These are- US, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Google aims to add more countries next year.

Stadia will be available in only 14 countries for now

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