Game Of Thrones: The Battle Of Winterfell Too Dark For Fans To See

Game Of Thrones: The Battle Of Winterfell Too Dark For Fans To See
To dark to see anything

Yesterday, the world witnessed the biggest battle in TV history. Game of Thrones fans watched The Long Night, which brought the bloodiest battle at Winterfell between the armies of the living and dead. But a lot of fans complained that the third episode was much darker than Melisandre’s predictions in her visions.

Winter Finally arrived at the Winterfell

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This episode of the final series was pretty much set to have tons of action and bloodshed after the first two episodes built-up and prepared the stage for the battle. They brought the White Walkers and wights at a stone’s throw distance from the gates of the castle and the battle finally commenced in the third… Winter had finally arrived!

The night king finally arrived at the gates of north castle

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After this long wait, how would you feel when you are unable to figure out “who died how?” and “who killed whom?” since this war was fought in near darkness. A major part of the battle was fought at night, so obviously, the low light makes sense, but fans took to social media to tell that even though there was a raging fire all around the castle, they could hardly see the action.

It was pretty hard to see who died how and who killed whom

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A fan wrote on Twitter, “#Winterfell is dark as f**k! #GameofThrones.” Another fan wrote, “Let’s play a game called ‘Am I sitting in the dark or watching The Battle of Winterfell’ #gameofthrones #got.” While many complained, some offered a handy solution to fellow fans to adjust the brightness of the screen before they start watching the episode.

“Public service announcement: Adjust the brightness on your screen. It is dark as f**k during the battle. #GameofThrones” tweeted one fan. While another person wrote, “The entire episode was DARK ASF. But thank God, Melisandre ‘increased the brightness’ up for us. #GameOfThrones #BattleForWinterfell.”

Many came forward to take funny digs at the episode. One said it would be difficult to give out spoilers this time as no one was sure what was going on. “GOT spoiler without context. If you can’t see anything? That’s cause the episode was dark af #GameOfThrones,” one fan tweeted.

Even though the battle was the biggest of all time, the episode proved to be the “most frustrating” one. This person shared, “#BattleofWinterfell #GameOfThrones is the most frustrating episode so far. I CAN’T SEE SHIT. IT’S SO F**KING DARK.”

When asked about the show and the lighting issues, Robert McLachlan, a cinematographer who worked on eight GOT episodes, told that the team wanted “to make these sets and locations feel as if they’re absolutely not lit by us, but only by Mother Nature or some candles.” He further added that this was done so that it feels “more realistic, albeit enhanced in some cases.”

To this, a fan argued that “Game of Thrones is so dark because they want the lighting to be realistic but considering the show has DRAGONS and ZOMBIES is that REALLY NECESSARY.”