F1: Dominating Hamilton Wins Abu Dhabi Race With A Sixth Grand Slam

F1: Dominating Hamilton Wins Abu Dhabi Race With A Sixth Grand Slam

The 2019 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the last race of the season and this decade and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton dominated like a true champion, winning the race with his sixth Grand Slam. The moment Hamilton kept the lead into the first corner at the Yas Marina Circuit, it seemed clear that no one would be challenging him.

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The win at the Abu Dhabi GP marks Hamilton’s 11th victory and the 50th pole of his career and maintained Mercedes’ record of remaining unbeatable in all races at Abu Dhabi since 2014. The champion secured a pole position in the qualifying, set the fastest lap and led every lap in the race to win by a margin of almost 17 seconds- A dominant way to end the season!

On the other hand, other racers managed to give some entertainment in the otherwise humdrum race – Charles Leclerc got past Max Verstappen on the opening lap but Max managed to overtake him later in the race, despite some minor issues with his power unit and grabbed a comfortable second.

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Leclerc, on the other hand, nearly avoided a challenge from Valtteri Bottas, who started from the back of the grid and fought his way to settle for a fourth. To side with Bottas, he may have even managed to grab a podium had it not been for a technical issue with the DRS which troubled the whole grid and hence, the Finn couldn’t pass the midfield as fast as he would have wanted to.

Even so, the race stewards put Ferrari under investigation for a fueling issue on Leclerc’s car. But the stewards later decided not to disqualify Leclerc from the third place.

Meanwhile, the midfield gave the spectators exciting moments of racing with McLaren and Renault fighting in the early stages. But it was Sergio Perez and Daniil Kvyat behind the two manufacturers who ran longer and got a pace advantage in the last laps with Perez clinching an outstanding seventh on the final lap from Lando Norris.

Renault driver, Nico Hulkenberg did a decent driving and what seemed to be a point in the final race for him until Carlos Sainz made a charge after a late second stop and denied him on the last lap. This was enough to hand Sainz the sixth place in the championship ahead of Pierre Gasly (who finished 18th after a first-lap incident) and Alex Albon.

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That brings an end to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and with that, an end to the 2019 season. The final race might not have been as exciting as Germany and Brazil with Hamilton and Mercedes just walking away with the winning titles but the midfield did give us something to cheer about.

December will go about with testing for the 2020 season and team showcasing their cars in February 2020. Till then, let’s hope Netflix releases the 2nd season of Drive to survive.

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