All 'Don-3' Bittersweet Movie Updates You Need To Know!

All 'Don-3' Bittersweet Movie Updates You Need To Know!
Don Movie Update!

So, the much-awaited movie update is finally here! However, we aren’t sure if that’s the good news for the fans or a bad one...



Reportedly King Khan will start his shoot for the third instalment of Don franchise soon after packing up from his film ‘Saare Jahan Se Accha!’ The Don franchise has been in the news lately, mainly because of the uncertainty on the SRK’s next film between ‘Saare Jahaan Se Accha’ and Don 3.


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According to the reports, “SRK told Farhan to shoot Don 3 only after he is done with Saare Jahaan Se Achcha on which Farhan happily agreed as he himself has some acting commitments which need to be completed before he dives into his next directorial.” 


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Now, if all this wasn’t enough for us to get all excited for the Don’s third part... this recent update about the movie’s title is indubitably the good news but a little sad too.




‘Coz according to the sources, the title of the movie has been titled as “Don: The Final Chapter”.


The title clearly suggest that it is the final instalment in the Don series.



Speaking of the film, it is going to have few changes this time, as the sources suggest.

Although PeeCee has been the leading actress in the first two parts of the film, she won’t be a part of Don’s third make.



There are also reports that Farhan, who is actually the producer of the film, shall be acting in the movie this time in the role of a police cop.

Woah! All these updates and we can't be more excited about the movie to hit the silver screen, already!