Days When Lohri Was About Family And Moongfali...

Days When Lohri Was About Family And Moongfali...

Sunder mundriye ho! Tera kaun vicharaa ho!

Dullah bhatti walla ho! Dulhe di dhee vyayae ho!

Hello lovely people…

Lohri is here and we can’t wait to indulge our food cravings or flying a kite or lighting up a bonfire, most importantly getting together with family.

90’s Lohri was a time when people used to celebrate the festival with family and relatives with all famjam and bonfire session. It was a major part of winter vacations. The entire family planned to gather at one place, put up a holy bonfire after sunset with plates full of popcorn, rewri, gajak, and moongfali. Dancing to the beats of the dhol, they sang traditional ‘boliyan’.

But nowadays, the celebration has changed a bit. People celebrate it with friends that too outdoors at some DJ party and there are some who don’t even consider celebrating it.

Here’s a difference in things that we can find these days:






Lohri is on coming weekend and you can see stacks of wood being piled up, all ready for the traditional bonfires that will burn at every corner. So, instead of going out let’s celebrate this Lohri with our families, dress up, sing, dance and basically have a blast.  




Wishing you a Happy Lohri in Advance!