Couples Are Using Their Wedding Dates To Protest Against CAA And NRC

Couples Are Using Their Wedding Dates To Protest Against CAA And NRC

India is amidst a highly sensitive situation with nation-wide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) gaining traction with each passing day. The situation is tense in some of the states as reports of public arson and police shooting keep surfacing every day.

And as the days progress, people are coming with unique and innovative ideas to share their views on CAA and NRC. The latest of them is a couple in Kerala who used their “Save the date” shoot to protest against the two acts.

The idea was pretty brilliant and it seems to be turning into a new trend with more and more couples using their wedding to voice their message.

A Twitter user recently shared images of a couple on their wedding day protesting against the acts. The user posted the images with caption, “Kerala. #indiaAgainstCAA_NRC”. The images showed a couple sitting in the mandap holding placards that read, ‘NO NRC’ and ‘NO CAA’. Soon, people started adding more images to the thread of more couples protesting in the same fashion.

There was one image of a couple dressed in wedding attire, walking in a protest with placards reading ‘Withdraw CAB’.

Another Twitterati user shared a picture of a man dressed as Santa Claus, giving out balloons with ‘Reject CAA’ written on them.

Since then, more and more couples are doing the same and sharing them on social media.

Rajya Sabha passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) on December 18,209. CAB gives Indian citizenship to the non-Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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