Avengers 4: The Russo Brothers Finally Reveal The Big Secret!

Avengers 4: The Russo Brothers Finally Reveal The Big Secret!

Avengers’ fan out there, Good News! Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president has revealed recently that the trailer for the forthcoming Avengers 4 will release by the end of this year. If the reports are to be believed, a trailer music profile on Russian social media website vk.com has confirmed fan’s speculations about trailer drop in November.

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This profile suggests that the background score of the trailer will feature a different rendition of Twelve Titans Music’s song ‘Dust and Light’. The same song was also used in ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ trailer. And guess what! The profile also says that movie will be titled Avengers: Annihilation.

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If you observe closely into the past, Marvel released the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War in November 2017. And talking about the title of the movie, it’s not the first time a fan theory has suggested the name of the film to be Avengers: Annihilation. In a now-deleted post from a Reddit user, they shared a scene by scene description of the trailer, among other details.

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Recently during an interview, The Russo Brothers revealed that the final part in the Avengers series may turn out to be the longest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even longer than its predecessor, which had a run time of 149 minutes. But they both refused to give out any details regarding the title of the movie.

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Avengers 4 will hit theatres on 3 May 2019.