Weird Teas From Around The World

Weird Teas From Around The World

Among all the beverages, we people drinking tea from almost all the cultures from around the world. In India, tea is not only one of the most preferred beverages, but also one of the healthiest. 

But apart from adding in some cardamoms and Ginger, we India don’t really believe in experimenting with our old-established taste of TEA.

On International Tea Day, 15th December, we have found the best teas from around that world that are not only weird but also something really worth a try!




1.    Panda Dung Tea

This tea is listed as one of the most expensive tea in the world. The price can start as high as the US $3,500 for just 50 grams of tea. It’s not actually Panda Poop Tea, but this green tea does have Panda Poop as its sole fertilizer. 

Panda Poop Tea

2.    Salvia Tea

This tea comes from the Mexican culture where salvia herb is an essential item used while preparing this tea. The Mazatec shamans used to consume this before doing rituals in order to induce visions. There are a number of substitutes to have hallucinations but salvia herb remains the main choice. 

Salvia teaPicture Credits: VideoBlockz

3.    Kombucha Tea

This tea is famous for this sour taste. It origins from Russia, where the tea is made from sweet black tea fermented with a mixture of yeasts and bacteria. The actual ingredients still remain a mystery. 

Kombusha teaPicture Credits: Healthline


4.    Bug Poop Tea

Again a tea that has skyrocketing prices and is made basically of bug feces. Taiwanese farmers using magnifying glasses and tweezers pick up the feces. The bugs live in the tea garden and eat organic tea leaves. 

This tea has its price equal to gold. Imagine drinking such expensive bug feces?


bug poop teaPicture Credits:

5.    Pu-erh Tea

This tea has become popular among the tea lovers. Pu-erh is basically a green tea, which is aged slowly using fungus. This tea is carefully aged and is among one of the most expensive teas in the world. 

pu-erh teaPicture Credits: TEAlise