The Crew Car List- This Will Definitely Blow Your Mind!

The Crew Car List- This Will Definitely Blow Your Mind!

With a huge number of Car Racing games available on the market for PS, PC and Xbox, one wonders what could possibly be done to make a new car racing game which is actually "new". Ubisoft scratched their brain hard came out with a new offering- The Crew. An Online Racing game set in a large open world map across the United States. The game received mix reviews and did a fair business across the world.

The game introduces our main protagonist Alex Taylor who has been falsely charged with his brother's murder. Five years later, FBI Agent Zoe Winter gets him out of prison to avenge his brother's murderers. What follows is a journey through the United States in order to catch the real culprit. And for this journey, you need cars, a lot of cars.

The Following is a list of all the cars that can be found in the game.

Alfa Romeo

  1. 4C 2015


This little baby is one of the prettiest cars ever to be built. An art piece that is not slow at all.

  1. 8C Competizione


8C marked Alfa's return to the sports car business. Introduced as a concept in 2003, this Alfa has an 8-cylinder engine meaning it can go fast, very fast!

Aston Martin

  1. V8 Vantage S 2012


Perhaps the coolest car ever, Vantage is stunning to look at from every angle. The true essence of British engineering, you can see why it's the favorite of spies.

  1. V12 Zagato 2012


V12 Zagato was launched to celebrate the fifty years of partnership between Aston Martin and Zagato since the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato.


Continental Supersports 2010


Don't be fooled by its massiveness, this car is not just big but fast too. With a huge W-12, Supersports can get you to your destination within no time while keeping you comfortable in its luxurious arms.


  1. M5 2011


Want performance with creature-comfort and style? M5 is the answer. Considered as one of the greatest handling cars available in the market.

  1. Z4 2011


Another fine engineering gem from the Germans. A stylish two-seater roadster with a twin-turbocharged 3.0L Engine and a specially tuned exhaust to let everyone know you're driving by the neighborhood.


Escalade 2012


Do you wish to move around the town like a boss? Escalade is the vehicle for you. This mammoth SUV is the statement of luxurious interiors and dominant exterior.


  1. Camaro RS 1969

camaro rs

A style icon of the 60's with a power-packed, raw muscle performance. Those body lines are something to behold!

  1. Camaro SS 2010


Probably the most popular muscle cars, children across the world recognize this car as a cheerful Bumblebee from Transformers.

  1. Corvette C2


A gorgeous, sleek, classic body with a powerful heart, this car had one of the most prominent buyers ever. From movie stars to NASA astronauts, everybody loved it.

  1. Corvette C3 1968


Ever heard of the phrase "Third time is the Charm"? It seems the phrase came into existence because of C3. A beauty that packs some serious muscles, you gotta drive it once!

  1. Corvette C7 Stingray 2014


The latest and the most powerful Corvette ever. This car is blistering fast and can evenly match the favorites of Ferrari.

The Stingray badge makes a comeback with this model.

  1. Corvette ZR1 2010


Want to differentiate the men from the boys? Bring in the ZR1. It's not just the top speed alone, it's the gravity defy acceleration that sets this supercar apart.

  1. Impala Sports Sedan 1967


Impala shares the credit for making the old classic cars so popular in today's time. This curvy 'little' looker was a huge success when it came out and every 1 in 9 cars sold in America was an Impala. Classic car lovers have a special place in their hearts for it.

  1. Silverado SS 2013

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LTZ Crew Cab Pickup

Ever imagined a Pickup that is fast? Chevy made it a reality- Silverado is both fast, rugged and powerful. A beast whose thumping heart that can tremble a mountain on its knees.


 300 SRT-8 2013

Chrysler 300

300 was meant to be a business-class sedan and yet be powerful. Trust us when we tell you that you'll never be late for a meeting ever.


  1. Charger R/T HEMI 1969

1969 Dodge Charger RT Hemi Sport Coupe Front Left

One of the most iconic muscle cars of the American Automobile history. It was once the King of Drag Racing.

  1. Charger SRT-8 2012


After a major design change in 2011, the 2012 model was what the old classic muscle lovers wished to see. With a 470 horsepower underneath its hood, dropping off children to school had never been more fun.

  1. Challenger SRT-8 392 2013


The designer chose not to fiddle with this new model and kept it true to its origin. An old school looks with an old school V8 muscle, you can’t ask for more.

  1. Ram SRT10 2004


A truck that set the world record for the Fastest Production Truck. Enough said!

  1. SRT Viper GTS 2013


Its 8.4L V10 is the biggest engine to ever be fitted in a production car. Dodge makers are known for their insanity and this car is no exception.

  1. Viper SRT10 2010


Thinking of racing against a Viper? Drop the idea immediately. The car is bonkers to look at and goes like a rampant rabbit.


  1. 458 Speciale

458 speciale

A car so great that even the rivals like Mclaren admit to its greatness. Many prominent companies have tried but they couldn't replicate the passion and flair that exudes from each part of a Ferrari 458.

  1. LaFerrari


The pinnacle of automotive engineering- It houses V12 hybrid system meaning it is fast and exciting as well as environment-friendly. How about that?


Abarth 500


From the notorious house of Abarth comes this little monster. The ultimate Street King.


  1. Mustang GT 2011


The new 5.0-liter V-8, pumping out 412 horsepower in stock spec. But a ‘Stang is all about the muscle and the GT’s 390 lb-ft of torque will leave a ‘black eleven’ all the way from the lights!

  1. Mustang GT 2015


Carrying the pedigree of fifty years of true V8 power, this new age thoroughbred is more than enough for any modern day driver to handle.

  1. Focus RS 2010


If someone tells you to drive a 300+ horsepower, front-wheel drive car very fast, you might think it is impossible, but it is possible. And that possibility, my friend, is Focus RS.

  1. F150 SVT Raptor


Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) went miles to turn this behemoth into a 'Pre-Runner' in disguise. Need asphalt's speed on rough terrain? You got it.

  1. GT 2005


Homage to the legendary GT40, don't be fooled by its old, classic looks. This car has a huge V8 underneath meaning it can take on the big boys in the business.