10 Girl Struggles Nobody Talks About

10 Girl Struggles Nobody Talks About

Being a girl is not easy, thanks to the daily struggles they have to face. However strong they may be and learn to deal with these inconveniences, they could do with some recognition. That’s what we are doing today, presenting some girl struggles!


Painful Shoes

painful shoes

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No matter what footwear they choose to team up with their outfit, it is painful. Once they remove their shoes, their eyes meet tons of blisters on their aching feet and that my friend is not a pretty sight. But they know that fashionable painful shoes are a part of their day!


The Shaving Struggle

The shaving struggle

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A lot of effort goes into achieving hairless smooth legs and sometimes the shaving session can go totally wrong. Girls are not new to cuts and bruises during such failed sessions but it pains equally every time.


Ruined Manicure

Ruined manicure

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A lot of patience goes into painting every nail to perfection but a girl is not able to enjoy the result of her hard labour for long. Within minutes her nails are all chipped and ruined but she lacks the heart to do it all over again. Hence she goes about her work with her smudged nail paint, that’s some sacrifice!


Failed Fitness Regimen

fitness regimen

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After 3 days of a regular gym session, the yummy cakes and cookies will tempt her and she will slump into a couch munching without a care in the world. Though when reality dawns she will plan to start again the next week but the vicious cycle continues.


Choosing An Outfit


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That could easily top this list as we all know girls can never decide on the right outfit for the day. Thinking about the weather and discussing the outfit with her friends takes a lot of time and when she finally dons a dress she might change her mind and her dress too!


Goodbye To Her Bra

goodbye bra

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You have no idea what relief it is to remove your bra the moment you step into the comfort of your home unless you are a girl. They have just mastered the art of whipping it off without even removing their shirt. It obviously pays, after all that moment of freedom is worth a million!


The Better Half

the better half

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Do most women swear to have a better side of their face, the result? You guessed it right; the struggle begins while taking a picture when she wants to flaunt just that better side of her face. To make matters worse just position two ladies with the same better half and you can get to witness their angry side!


Restroom Queue

restroom queue

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There is no comparison between men’s and women’s restroom queues. Women have to deal with standing outside the washroom for an indefinite amount of time, poor souls. Nobody has yet been able to understand the reason behind it but it’s a thing that all women have to face throughout their life.


Skinny Jeans Dance

skinny jeans

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Women love their figure-flattering jeans but getting into them is a struggle that only they know best. In order to get them past their butts is a task that requires a lot of wiggling and squeezing and dancing! But the end result is worth the pain so no regrets!


The Struggle Of Periods


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Messing with a girl who is PMSing has to be at your own risk. Amid the painful cramps, she has to keep her besties at her heels to ensure she does not leak her secret! It’s a thing that can give any girl a nightmare, it’s hard being a girl!


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