What You Gotta Do To Be An Alpha Male!

What You Gotta Do To Be An Alpha Male!

The term “alpha male” comes, as you may think from the animal kingdom. This term was mostly restricted to primatology until the publication of Frans de Waal’s 1982 book Chimpanzee Politics, which compared monkey interactions to human. As redefined in the 21st century, an alpha male isn’t just a social alpha or a leader of a social group. That guy is the leader of his own life in a compelling way. He’s the person his family and friends look up too and someone who you can’t avoid respecting, even admiring, for the kind of man he is in every facet of life.

The following is a how-to-be-an-alpha-male guide for you to be a better alpha in a modern way. If you are following these on a daily basis, well, we admire you!

1. Calling out bull shit

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It’s never easy to say “That’s not cool,” but say it anyway. Even though your family member, friend or your colleagues might get defensive about it but they’ll know that you’re right.

2. Avoid fights at all cost

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In reality, a fight doesn’t right wrongs and help to restore justice. What they do is result in prison time, criminal records, life-changing injuries, escalations, retaliations- all this not just against you but your loved ones too.

3. Always Smile

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The basic point is to break the ice. This includes not just smiling, you can say hello, put out your hand and introduce yourself.

4. Flexibility

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Remember Jean Claude Van Damme doing splits between trucks? Yes, that’s what we are talking about! Nah, we’re just kidding, although it’s pretty cool if you can do that. As Bruce Lee once said, “The stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

5. Stand up, offer your seat!

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And not just to the ladies but to anyone who needs it.

6. Be The Bigger Man

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We’re not at all referring to your sausage size, no sir! In this world of rudeness and down-right cruelty, people will behave badly towards you. Instead of reciprocating it in the same fashion is not the right option. Set an example!

7. An approachable leader

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As a leader, you are responsible for the happiness of the people around you. Instead, go being a cold-hearted boss who ignores the plea of everyone, try to give a positive feedback and interact with them. This will keep them smiling for days to come.

8. Kill off that “I Insist” Guy

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It’s a gentleman’s trait if you offer to pay for her dinner but if she insists to pay for her half, smile and let her. Do not insist back more than once!