Rahul Gandhi To PM Modi: Do Planes Disappear In Rain?

Rahul Gandhi To PM Modi: Do Planes Disappear In Rain?

Our dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi is exceptionally credited for his grasp of communication and oratory skills. His interviews and his speeches are something that gets anyone and everyone hearing him feels those hidden enthusiastic emotions that one never cared about. But many times, he seems to have over-flow with emotions and says things which, well, we’ll be polite, lacks base or truth.

Narendra Modi during a conference

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A similar thing happened recently during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview with News Nation Saturday. PM Modi said that when the Balakot air strike was to be conducted, the weather on that day was bad and experts had decided to call the attacks. So, our prime minister suggested they should proceed with the attacks as the clouds would prove beneficial.

Narendra modi says clouds give cover from radars

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BJP party's official tweeter handle tweeted PM Modi’s account of the strikes with the transcript: “The weather was not good on the day of airstrikes. There was a thought that crept in the minds of the experts that day of the strike should be changed. However, I suggested that the clouds can actually help our planes escape the radars.” The party deleted the tweet but not before PM received heavy criticism for his words.

Rahul gandhi asks Modi if planes disappear when it rains

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi grabbed this opportunity to ask the PM if planes disappear when it rains in India. Addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch, Rahul asked, “Modi Ji, whenever it rains in India, do all aircraft disappear from the radar?”

Rahul also made a discreet reference to the interaction between PM Modi and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar where Modi said that he loved mangoes as a child and how much he still loves them. On this Rahul said, “Modi Ji, you taught us to eat mangoes: now tell the country what you did for jobless youth.”

Rahul Gandhi taunts modi how many jobs has he given to jobless youth

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But that’s not it, in another video that surfaced online, PM said in the interview how he used a digital camera in 1987 to take colour pictures of BJP veteran LK Advani and email it to Delhi.

PM Modi is seeing saying, “Around 1987-88, I used a digital camera for the first time. Very few had email at the time. There was an Advani rally. At the time the digital camera used to be this big (hand gestures). I had a digital camera. I took a photo of Advani and transmitted it to Delhi. A colour photo was printed. Advani Ji was surprised and said how did my colour photo appear today?”

Social media went on a fact-checking spree immediately. Many users pointed that first digital camera was sold by Nikon in 1987 and commercial emails were introduced in 1990-95.

Oh boy! What should we say about it? We’ll leave you guys to think about it and vote for the future. Check out more at Befazool charcha.