Hollywood Trends That Are Changing The Way We Watch Movies

Hollywood Trends That Are Changing The Way We Watch Movies
Hollywood Trends

The present time, this year and last, have been the biggest for Hollywood. We have seen Hollywood churning out blockbusters after blockbusters which are complete entertainers. Whether it be big movies like the ones from Marvel franchise or small ones like 'A Quiet Place', all the movies have managed to pop our eyes out like never before.

If we sit down with a pen and a notepad and a cup of hot mocha with chocolate, we’ll be able to pinpoint the latest Hollywood trend that has made a huge difference and is actually making movies (big or small) work like never before.

We take a look at three major reasons that are working in the favour of not just movies but popular TV series too.

1. Showing Diversity

Hollywood focuses on diversity

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The biggest example of watching diversity on screen was Marvel’s Black Panther. And there is no chance of even giving it a second thought that Hollywood is riding high on diversity and feminism plane and things are going in the right direction. With a lot of work going into making the cast all balanced and gender equal, directors and producers are giving a thorough on assigning roles.

2. Original Content on streaming service

Netflix experimenting with content

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Online movie streaming is not something new! It started off in 2010 and has since then gained a huge ground for big and small movies to show their magic. Undeniably, Netflix and Amazon are the only two major players and its staggering how these two have affected the way people enjoy movies and they are being produced. 

While Amazon is, no doubt, making original content and experimenting with new ideas but Netflix will be the champion in producing original, low to mid-budget content. Whether it be TV Series-style videos to documentaries to major films, Netflix has it all.

3. Practical Effects Are Back

Practical effects making a comeback

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We all can agree that CGIs don’t work in all the movies and many times they are just horrible to look at. This has led many producers and directors to do things the old fashioned way- Practical Effects. And to keep it balanced, film-makers are combining CGI and practical effects which has only enhanced the movie-watching experience.