Famous Celebs And Their Iconic Sunglasses

Famous Celebs And Their Iconic Sunglasses

Hunter S. Thompson, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain. What do you think all these guys had in common? Yes, we know these celebs were the media’s favourites and were in the news all the time but we’re talking about their sunglasses. Now, anyone can look cool in them… no big deal! But these guys looked iconic.

This celebrity connection has boosted the vintage sunglass business to an all-time high! “Film and music videos are both big influences on people’s interest in vintage eyewear,” explains John Morris, opticals expert and owner of London-based historic eyewear haven Kings Cross Eyes. “Think James Dean and Johnny Depp in Tarte Optical, famous rappers in vintage Gianni Versace and, of course, Steve Mcqueen in Persol.”

1. JFK’s American Optical Saratoga

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2PaDcPB

Yes, you saw the former president going around in his favourite pair of tortoiseshell Wayfarers regularly. But did you guys know they weren’t really Wayfarers?

American Optical’s Saratogas were JFK’s eyewear of choice and though the company stopped making them, the shape has become popular amongst other brands.

2. Kurt Cobain and his 1993 Christian Roth Archive

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2AjHv2Y

It was during one of the photo-shoots in 1993 by photographer Jesse Frohman that these pair of Christian Roths came to light. He captured the Nirvana frontman in a series of portraits wearing the Archive and these went on to immortalise the round-framed sunglasses.

3. John Lennon’s NHS 422CJ

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2AjzX0d

These round, wire-framed specs can be recognised by anyone, even if you’re not a hippy. These glasses are equally famous if not more as his music and style and were an integral part of the fashion landscape throughout the 70s.

4. Steve McQueen’s Persol 0714

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2Ja8qB5

Steve’s light Havana frame, folding design and crystals blue lenses, Persol 714s easily stood out in a sea similar. He brought them into the spotlight when he wore them in The Thomas Crown Affair and pairs from his personal collection are known to go under the hammer for as much as $70,000.

5. Hunter S. Thompson’s Ray-Ban Shooter.

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2NQDMxu

The guy, as we know, was a legend! There is nothing about Thompson that was normal, then why should his sunglasses be? His tinted Ray-Ban Shooters are recognised and fit this “more-than-normal” list perfectly.