DC Aquaman: Social Media Is Going Crazy For The Movie!

DC Aquaman: Social Media Is Going Crazy For The Movie!

DC’s Jason Momoa starrer, Aquaman is set for a December 14 release in India but the media people got the first look into the movie to give their reviews. And the media has gone GAGA over it! The Aquaman’s first independent appearance since Justice League in 2016 has created quite an impression on the journalist world.

Aquaman receives great reviews

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As it turns out, Jason Wan’s directorial piece has crossed everyone’s expectations and the reactions that have come out, well they have got us pretty hyped for the movie.

Aquaman follows the story of Arthur Curry or Aquaman and the struggle he goes through to find his identity as a human and Atlantean. Along with Jason Momoa, we’ll see Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson and Willem Dafoe in pivotal roles. Also, actor Julie Andrews has given her beautiful voice to Kraken, a mythical creature that will help Aquaman to strike a peace treaty between Atlantis and the dry land. Did we just gave out something? Oops!