Dadlani Questions PM Modi's Political Credibility On Twitter?!

Dadlani Questions PM Modi's Political Credibility On Twitter?!
The Nation Wants To know.

Vishal Dadlani has always been open about his point of view on his social media handles.

Voicing out on the real problem on the things that really matters needs whole lot of courage.

And well, seems, Dadlani has a bag full of that as he is actively voicing on the issues that everyone is ignoring to be on the safer ground.


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The music composer and Singer, Vishal Dadlani has been often seen apologise, when he is wrong.  

Dadlani was once one of the celebrity supporters of Aam Aadmi Party.


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However, soon he’d announced his withdrawal from all political work after the outrage his tweets received for mocking the Jain religious leader Tarun Saga. 


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Now, Dadlani seems to be back in form to express his disappointments with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi over his statement highlighting the speedy trial of rape victims during his governance.

Dadlani tweeted about this, calling it a white lie and requested the PM Modi to not “turn the pain of Indian women and girls into propaganda.” 




Not just this, Vishal also brought another absurd strategy of Mr. Modi into notice.

Under financial Minister Piyush Goyal’s proposal of the budget for 2019, the government is now announced to be providing assisted income support to small and marginal farmers who own a land leass than or equal to two hectares under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi. 


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To this Dadlani tweeted, “They seem to be trying to pave over 4.5 years of sheer neglect and disastrous policy failure. Rs. 6000 farmer per year, instead of guaranteeing a Minimum Sale Price for their crops, is adding insult to injury. Farmers don't need charity. They need systemic reforms,” 



Said in open and tweeted in white clarity with what is wrong with the system and PM strategies.

Well, somebody had to do it some day and we’re glad that Dadlani took the weapon of expression once and for all. Kudos, Vishal!