Customs that puts India to shame.

Customs that puts India to shame.

Britishers left India many decades ago but it is still under the chains of slavery of its jarring and intolerable customs and traditions that surely pull backs India to its grave from which it tried to uprise.

Here are some examples of the jaw dropping rituals that are practised even today-

1) Self-Flagellation

A very popular culture in Muslims- Shia community to pay their homage to Husayn Ibn Ali, is now being critisized on the terms that it’s un-islamic, in a Fatwa being released. They follow the idealism - ‘that if you hurt someone you would be hurt too.’ But you can change the course of your Karma by helping someone rather than punishing yourself.

2) Exorcism by Marriage.

If you’ve seen the movie Phillauri, you would know that the protaganist is married to a tree to remove the 'dosh’ in his 'kundli’. Similar custom includes the marriage of a 'Manglik’ to an animal to help his stars align for his better future. How does it even make sense? Even if it does, why should these innocent animals carry the burden of your sins? They’ve got their own issues, man!

3) Cannibalism.

The ostracized Aghori tribes of Varanasi, the worshippers of Lord Shiva, take life and death too seriously. Blindly following the ideal of 'mysticism’ and looking for transcendence, they feast on the dead human bodies, smear their ashes and meditate on them. They are also high on life as Marijuana and Alcohol are their staples.

4) Children buried in sand.

In an attempt to challenge God’s whim, the God’s angels with disabilities are buried in sand deep upto their necks with an assurance of recovery on the day of the solar eclipse. We must say, Medical Science really is overrated in India.

5) Madey Snana

In a country where 22% of its population sleeps every night with no food in their stomachs, a community in Karnataka, practices this custom of rolling over left-over 'high-class’ Brahmin food believing that it would cure their diseases. When will India rise above casteism and pay heed to the starking real problems.

6) Animal Wedding.

If any of the above rituals weren’t weird enough, here is another one. Basically, frogs are married in Assam, to please the rain Gods that would ultimately result in the 'showers of blessings’. Excuse me? Who decides the bride and groom? What if the bride loves someone else? Doesn’t matter, all of em look familiar anyways!

7) Baby Dipping.

Sounds normal? Here’s the twist- new born babies are dunked in boiling hot water in the Karnataka region with absolutely no logic or superstition behind it, but because they want to Thank the Almighty for blessing them with a child. Amm, boiling water? Did u not like the child? Filing in for a return, maybe?

8) Bani Festival.

To commemorate the killing of a demon, people in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka come all equipped with 'lathis’ to hurt each other ( as if it would help them celebrate). Many people are left injured as the police remains a part of the gazing crowd.

9) Throwing Infants.

We can label it as the epitome of this list. In Maharashtra, small babies are tossed from a height of 50 metres in the name of prosperity. Though illegal, this custom is still practised throughout the year with the parent’s support. Poor champs!

10) Garudan Thookam.

In a state with almost 100% literacy rate, Kerala, a most unusal ritual of people dressed up as Garuda, hanging by hooks inserted in their flesh, are carried in a rally through the city. This act is performed to pay reward for the problems solved. So the customs are to performed in India by hook or by crook. No other way. Seems like Indians are way behind in the league of countries, incessantly progressing in the 21st century, mentally.