Ayodhya Verdict Date Closes In as Police Takes Stock Of The Situation

Ayodhya Verdict Date Closes In as Police Takes Stock Of The Situation

While the rest of the country goes on with its daily life, the people of Ayodhya are bracing themselves as the air turns cold and tensed. The day of final judgment in the two-decade-old Ayodhya case is drawing close and you can sense fear and apprehension in the authorities and citizens alike.

The simple and hard-working people of the town are doing whatever preparation they can in case things go out of control – hoarding food and essentials and quietly shifting children and women out of town where they are safe.

Ayodhya dispute verdict

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Meanwhile, celebrations like weddings are put on hold or moved to venues outside the district. When asked a small-time middle-aged tailor in Syedwada, a neighbourhood with sizeable Muslim families living Hindu families and temples, about the situation said, “They (local residents) talk among themselves and say that Syedwada will be targeted this time. It is worrisome.”

He further added, “They are saying there will be trouble if the judgment is not in favour of the Ram temple. What will we do in such a situation if not send our families away?” A number of families had already done the same when VHP and Shiv Sena members came to town in November last year.

Ayodhya verdict before November 17

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Another small business owner in the same locality, Ghanshyam Gupta, who runs a family business of selling ladoos outside the famous Hanuman Garhi temple, said, “We have made suitable arrangements and are stocking rice and lentils at home.”

According to Times of India, District magistrate Anuj K Jha shared, “We have assured Muslims that survey of all sensitive areas, including minority-dominant ones and those with mixed populations, has already been done and we will be deploying forces ahead of the verdict. There is no need for people to panic. Our focus is peace and protection in the whole of Ayodhya.”

Ayodhya case verdict before November 17

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The Ayodhya district has been divided into four different security zones – red, yellow, green and blue – to avoid any violent incident. The Central Para Military Forces (CPMF), will secure the red and yellow zones, whereas, the green and blue zones will be under the city police’s eyes. The red security zone is the disputed site, the yellow zone is 8 km periphery of Ayodhya, the green zone covers 14 km around Ayodhya and the blue zone includes the districts around Ayodhya.

There are currently over 12,000 policemen deployed in the town and more forces will be brought in next week which includes paramilitary forces and the Provincial Armed Consultancy (PAC). Asked if curfew would be imposed, an official told NDTV, “We want to portray a sense of normalcy.”

Supreme court to give verdict on Ayodhya case

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The authorities are keeping a watchful eye on social media platforms and any attempt that could ignite strong passions may invite the National Security Act (NSA). According to the Ayodhya District Magistrate, if a person is found to share and like a controversial post about the Ayodhya verdict will face police action.  

The Supreme Court is expected to pronounce its verdict in the Ayodhya dispute case between 4-15 November. Stay in touch with the latest breaking news India with Befazool Charcha.