Another Name To The #MeToo Campaign- Director Mukesh Chabbra

Another Name To The #MeToo Campaign- Director Mukesh Chabbra

Casting Director Mukesh Chhabra was on his path of great success and was all set to make his directorial debut. Recently he has been working on his latest project Kizzie Aur Manny, a hindi remake of The Fault In Our Stars.

The director has been in news recently owing to his sexual harassment allegations. So, Fox Star Hindi has officially fired him and put out a statement on Twitter reading, “As a responsible organization, Star India takes any allegations of sexual harassment of women at workplace very seriously hence Fox Star Studios has suspended the services of Mukesh Chhabra, director of the film, Kizzie Aur Manny, which is under production, till the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of M/s Mukesh Chhabra Casting Company concludes its inquiry into allegations against him.”


WOW! That’s some news now. I mean all these people behind the sets who were all these years just exploiting women are finally facing the real life cameras now!


Can you imagine if incase the allegation are real how much they have put a women under pressure and have exploited over the years.


Amid these sexual harassment the director denied them and said, “It has been years of hard work and I have been around and in the industry. It is unfortunate that people are resorting to name calling and making wild allegations. Hard work and sweat cannot be erased by making false accusations. I deny any such incident took place. If anyone is indulging in rumour mongering and mischievous slandering, I will take every possible legal action to protect my reputation.”