5 Ways to Survive an Office Breakup Like A Pro...

5 Ways to Survive an Office Breakup Like A Pro...

So, you had the perfect office romance- until you didn’t. Now you’re all broken mentally and otherwise. All your emotional dramas’ have come to an end now but the main concern that is constantly bothering you is how are you going to maintain a healthy office aura after all this?  

After all, normal breakups are hard but office breakups are a whole new ballgame. 

Coz... you know... working with your former significant other can get really awkward most of the times. 

And dude! Running off from the situation is not the solution, at least, not when it is in the office itself. You gotta pull yourself together, Imean you cannot just leave the job and get an entirely new job. 

Here are the four most effective tips for getting through the breakup of an office romance-even if your ex just right next to your cubicle.  

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1. Professional Attitude 

 When a relationship falls apart, it can be a beginning to the series of awkward movements. 

After all, it’s basically the first page in the breakup handbook. But this was an office breakup, so, the rules of the game are a little different... 

you gotta strap on a pair to face everything very smoothly without any sort of emotional breakdowns or poker faces. 

Keep it very professional and formal for your own good! 

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2. Avoid GupShup-ing About It. 

Yes, you might want to talk about what went wrong in something that was so perfect in life but trust me... it’ll only make the situation worse!  

There’s no point talking about something personal to people who are already in dilemmas' for being in between of something that has broken. Avoid talking about it at all. 

It'll be a better way to come out of this phase with maybe better consequences maybe? 

There's really no need to add fire to something that is already dramatic and that too that’d be creating office drama and scenes. As impossible as it might seem, you need to treat your ex like any of your other co-workers. 

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3. Brace Yourself For Loops Of Ignorance 

Maybe you’re not used to a kind of behavior that you’ll have to deal with coming times because let’s get it straight... 

break-ups are not that easy to handle that too the person exist right in front of you... 

So, while your emotions are still raw, you might want to practice the age-old breakup tactic of avoidance. 

No, you can’t shirk those important team meetings or conferences just to keep your distance from your ex.


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4. Keep This In Your Head!! 

As you spend a lot of time at work. So, it’s totally understandable (and maybe even expected) that romance will bloom there. 

But, while you’re recovering from this particularly tense and awkward situation, take some time to evaluate the consequence.

Was that office fling worth all of this extra care and caution? Maybe it was, or maybe it wasn’t. Whatever you decide, it’s important to take the time to really think through the matter—especially before jumping into another romantic workplace relationship. 

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