5 Crazy Things Your Friend Does Each Time They Get Talli

5 Crazy Things Your Friend Does Each Time They Get Talli

Daaru buddy 
If there’s one thing that you’ll definitely experience at your 20’s that’d be all the hilarious antics that your friends’ would do around you after boozing. And we cannot even start on how many times have they decided to never drink again and gotten sloshed the same night. Although, this is completely amusing in itself to revive all the memories, let’s have a look at the most universal and must things that are supposed to occur once your squad gets drunk: 

1. Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega 
The driving war begins only when somebody is drunk!! 
Apparently, driving is all a basic business unless your buddy is drunk... Then, oh man!! This has to be a situation of life or death to drive a car.  


2. Ek Bottle Aur Peeni Hai 
“ Yar, bro Aaj chard hi nahi Rahi hai” and you might hear that while your friend is crawling on his seat with his oh-so-drunk expression. But the question is, why would they be accepting the fact that they are already trembling on the thought of another drink? So, you’ll see them asking of more of it rather than actually expressing their ‘Suroor’... 

3. Yaar Teri Bhabhi Se Baat Karni Hai 
And the possibilities in such situations could definitely be your bhabhi being out of the Bhabhi frame long time back. Having the’Bhabhi’ out of frame handled well unless the boozing got him back right at the sentimental atyachar. Ahemm, an atyachar to them as well as the people around!! 


4. The Iconic Nagin Dance 
It doesn't matter if they’ve even learned the world-class dance forms when it comes to the drunk dancing, all this buddy of yours could think of is the one-and-only Nagin dance. Yes, the same “nagin dance” that the Bollywood has unapologetically programmed within all of us since childhood. So, this drunk friend of yours’ take all the responsibility on his shoulders to perform and represent the squad with its iconic dancing. 



5.Tu Toh Mera Bhai Hai. 
And at last, the most common and hilarious bit of these kinda evening has to be the ones where you notice your friends being overly-expressive irrespective who are they expressing to...

And ohh... 

How can we forget about the ultimate scenario which is further built where you’ll see your buds telling people they love them, especially when you don't love them!!