4 Mind-Blowing Diwali Photography Tricks You Definitely Need To Learn This Diwali

4 Mind-Blowing Diwali Photography Tricks You Definitely Need To Learn This Diwali

With the lights glittering everywhere this Diwali, you can create magic through your lens. Given you know simple techniques you can capture some Insta-worthy pictures using just your mobile phone. 



1. Use Fairy Lights As Props
For those ethnic wear, close-ups make you can always use yellow fairy lights. They create a mind-blowing effect. If you are using your mobile phone make sure that you turn off the phone flashlights.

Picture Credit: https://bit.ly/2AO88NF 

Keep the surrounding lights dim and preferably use natural yellow lights for this type of photography.

Picture Credits: www.pixabay.com


2. Prism Effect
Why need a professional license to photography when these simple tips can do the trick.
Take a small prism (You can find one at any stationary); keep the lightings natural or basic yellow lights.

Keep the prism close to the camera lens; this will create a surreal effect, giving that pro-lens camera effect.

Here have a look!

Picture Credit: https://www.samhurdphotography.com/reviews/prisming/

3. Rainbow Effect Using A CD
Some of the techiest looking things come from basic things used in the background. Like you can use a CD to help you get that rainbow effect. The final outcome is however outstanding. 

Picture Credit: https://expertphotography.com/21-creative-self-portrait-photography-ideas/

All you have to do is flash a torch on the CD, which will reflect a ray of rainbow colors. Direct the rays to your face for a close-up. It will create something you would love to put up on your Instagram collection. 

You would definitely have a lot of people asking up for your Photographer’s contact no!

4. Bengal Lights Candid Close-up
More commonly known as Phul-Jadi in India you can click some mind-blowing close-ups. All you have to do is put the focus on to the closest Bengal lights so that everything in the back is blurred. 

Picture Credits: https://bit.ly/2Qov5fY

Make sure that keep the background lights a little darker.

Picture Credits: https://unsplash.com/collections/2359785/bengal-lights

With the right trick, you can capture some crazy photos this Diwali. You don’t need any expensive gadget, just a few small things from your local stationery.