102-year-old Dadi Sets Record Of Oldest Skydiver While We Sit In Our Chairs And Sulk About Our Lives

102-year-old Dadi Sets Record Of Oldest Skydiver While We Sit In Our Chairs And Sulk About Our Lives
102-year-old granny's skydive sets record

A 102-year-old Australian great-granny just did a skydive… Yes, we said SKYDIVE! Did that leave your eyes and mouth wide open? The same happened to us, so we know.

102-year-old grandmom skydives

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Irene O’Shea straightened up her cane and made her way to the plane, hopped inside it to be flown up to a height of 14,000 feet and then jumped out. And some of us find it scary just standing on the 10th floor balcony of our offices while this granny jumped out of a plane like a boss, for the third time! Let that sink in, we’ll wait.

Motor neurone disease

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So, you guys fine now? Cool, let’s go ahead then… Irene safely landed her tandem parachute jump on Sunday and when she was asked how she felt about it. Imagine what she said, “I felt normal, about the same.” She was referring to her previous jumps which she did at 100 and 101. Boss Granny!

Truth be told, we were already feeling bad about ourselves when we heard that a 102-year-old lady jumped out of a plane, now that she has done it for the third time, it seems like we are just hopeless burdens on this beautiful planet.

irene o'shea

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Jokes apart, there was a particular reason why Irene did this death-defying stunt- She did it to raise awareness and money for motor neurone disease, a degenerative condition that was the cause of her daughter, Shelagh FitzHenry' death at 67.

“I lost my daughter to that terrible disease 10 years ago, and I miss her,” Irene said. Her brave act is a proof to both a mother’s undying love and bottomless grief. In the hope to help find a cure to the disease and no other mother should see her child die due to it, Irene’s dive from last year raised around Aus$12,000 (US$8,00) while she aims to raise Aus$10,000 (US$7,200) from her recent jump. All of the money will be given to the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia, according to a GoFundMe page set up to collect donations.

this is her 3rd skydive

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After the jump, she applied for the designation of oldest female tandem sky jumper in the world but might end up as the oldest tandem jumper in the world, male or female. While the Guinness Record experts look into the record, this old lady is not resting yet. She said, “Possibly I will jump next year, and if I live long enough I’ll jump at 105.”

Way To Go Grandma!